BaByliss vs. CHI: Which Flat Iron Is Better?

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CHI PRO G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic 1
  • Plate Technology: Titanium-Infused Ceramic
  • Temperature Range: 180°F - 425°F
  • Temperature Control: Digital Buttons
  • Cord Length: 11 ft.
  • Auto Shut-Off: Yes
  • Dual Voltage: Yes
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1
  • Plate Technology: Nano Titanium
  • Temperature Range: 240˚F - 450˚F
  • Temperature Control: Analog Dial
  • Cord Length: 9 ft.
  • Auto Shut-Off: No
  • Dual Voltage: Yes

If you’re trying to decide between BaByliss vs. CHI for your next flat iron, look no further!

I’ll walk you through the strengths and weaknesses of both brands, as well as some of their best performing models. 

We’ll also discuss what factors you need to keep in mind when making your choice.

So let’s get to it.

Trusted Hair Styling Brands

BaByliss and CHI are both popular and well-known brands that have been around for decades. They both manufacture all sorts of hair appliances including curling irons, hair dryers and more, but are most famous for their flat irons

BaByliss is best known for their line of Nano Titanium™ hair straighteners using nanotechnology to engineer efficient plates that straighten effectively with minimal effort. 

Their flat irons and other hair tools are salon-grade, often used and recommended by professional stylists, but equally good for use at home too.

CHI, on the other hand, was one of, if not the first to use ceramic in their flat iron plates. They’ve been known for their ceramic and tourmaline ceramic flat irons ever since.

CHI’s flat irons are also widely used by professionals and amateurs alike, but in recent years some users have experienced a decline in overall quality.

BaByliss vs. CHI Flat Irons

Let’s compare both brands side-by-side in the following areas:

Plate Technology

closeup of flat iron plates

Plate technology is one of the foremost factors to consider when investing in a flat iron.

BaByliss flat irons are mostly built with titanium plates. Titanium is an extremely durable substance that’s also lightweight, as well as less prone to breakage or corrosion.

Being a metal, titanium is a great conductor of heat and achieves the desired temperature quickly. It also produces more power, and retains heat between passes well while you style.

These features make BaByliss’ titanium plates extremely suitable for thick, coarse hair, and help you achieve pin-straight tresses in a short amount of time.

CHI’s ceramic plates produce a gentler, even heat across the entire surface. They emit far-infrared, which heats strands from the inside out and keeps moisture locked in instead of drying your hair out.

Ceramic plates also have the advantage of being very smooth, so that hair glides between the plates without a lot of pulling or snagging.

Many CHI flat irons also contain tourmaline, a semi-precious gem that’s infused into ceramic to boost the output of negative ions. They neutralize the positive ions produced by dry, frizzy hair, and leave them smooth and shiny.


A sleek and ergonomic design doesn’t only make a flat iron easier to handle, but also provides versatility in styling, allowing you to create curls in addition to straightening.

BaBylissPRO Prima Hair Styling Iron

BaByliss irons have an edge in this respect. They have multiple models with standard housing sizes, a slim and streamlined model, and ones with a heated exterior that can both curl and straighten using the same tool. 

Best BaByliss Flat Irons

Don’t get me wrong, you can straighten and create curls using CHI flat irons too. They just tend to stick with the standard size casing for most of their models.

CHI definitely takes the cake for being more aesthetically pleasing of the two. 

CHI The Sparkler Lava Ceramic Iron

In addition to the standard black straighteners with golden plates, CHI flat irons also come in other fun colors and patterns like pink, ruby red, midnight violet, caribbean blue, golden glitter and marble.

BaByliss vs. GHD

Heat Settings/Controls

Any flat iron worth considering should ideally come with adjustable temperature controls.

Both BaByliss and CHI offer variable heat settings on most of their flat irons so you can adjust to your needs.

Most models are built to heat to over 400°F, with some BaByliss irons going as high as 450°F, and around 425°F for CHI.

BaByliss generally places their control dial or buttons on the side of the iron while most CHI flat irons come with power buttons and temperature controls located on the inside below the plates.

CHI’s power and control button placements allow you to work with the iron without accidentally turning it off or changing the temperature during use.


flat iron narrow and wide

Plate size is another important factor to consider.

If you have short hair, a 1” wide or narrower will work best. Narrower plates are able to reach hair closer to your scalp so you can smooth out any kinks from root to tip more easily.

For longer hair, you might want wider plates so you can cut down on the amount of time spent straightening.

Both BaByliss and CHI manufacture flat irons in a variety of sizes, ranging from as small as ½” and ¾”, all the way up to 1 ½” and even 2”.

Best CHI Flat Irons

They also have mini flat irons that are nice and compact (plus dual voltage), making them the perfect tool to take along when you travel.

Another notable feature is plate length. With longer or extended plates, you can work on larger sections of hair at a time. This can be a real time saver if you have a lot of hair or don’t have a lot of time in the morning. 

If you’re looking for extended plates, the BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Ultra Thin flat iron has extra-long 5” plates, while the CHI Tourmaline Ceramic Extended Plate Flat Iron has 4 ¼” long (slightly longer than the standard 4”). 


The nice thing about the better flat iron brands is that they’ll usually stand by the quality of their products with a warranty.

That’s certainly true for both BaByliss and CHI. BaByliss comes out ahead here with a limited 4-year warranty.

Most CHI flat irons come with a 2-year warranty.

Beware: flat irons purchased online from Amazon or non-authorized retailers may not be eligible for warranty.

To be sure your product is eligible, purchase directly from or a beauty supply store like Ulta Beauty.

Price Point

BaByliss and CHI flat irons both come packed with powerful features, and most of the high-performing models cost close to or above $100.

BaByliss flat irons are usually a little more expensive than CHI, but either brand is well worth the investment given the quality, efficiency and performance.

BaByliss vs. CHI Hair Straightener – Head to Head

BaByliss Ultra-Thin Nano Titanium Flat Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1
  • Extra-Long 5" Nano Titanium Plates
  • Ultra-Slim Exterior
  • 50 Heat Settings Up To 450°F
  • Lightweight + Tangle-Free Swivel Cord
  • Available in 1", 1 ½” and 2” Widths

The BaByliss Ultra-Thin Nano Titanium Flat Iron has titanium plates and a ceramic heater, which provides quick and efficient heat.

There are 50 different heat settings, the lowest being 240°F all the way up to 450°F, so you can choose the temperature most suitable for your hair type without exposing it to too much heat.

Its extra long 5” plates allow you to work on larger sections at a time so that you can cut down on your straightening time.

It also comes in 1”, 1 ½” and 2” widths, and works well across all hair types. What’s more is it can even be used for curling and straightening close to your scalp too.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Extra-long plates
  • Large range of temperature settings
  • Slim profile
  • No auto shut-off
  • High-powered heat not as suitable for fragile hair types

Verdict: Efficient and effective, this is the flat iron to choose if you struggle to get pin-straight locks that last. It’s a powerhouse that can handle even the most difficult-to-straighten hair. It’s extra-long plates makes it easy to do the back of your head and it doesn’t tire your arms out either.

CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Flat Iron

CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Flat Iron
  • Titanium-Infused Ceramic Plates + Ceramic Heater
  • LCD Display + Digital Controls
  • Color-Coded Temperature Range Up To 425°F
  • Dual Voltage + 60-minute Auto Shut-Off
  • Available in 1" and 1 ¼" Widths

With its titanium-infused ceramic plates, the CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Flat Iron heats up quickly and is extremely durable.

The lowest heat setting on this iron is 180°, which is fantastic if you have fine or damaged hair. Not to worry though, it can also heat up to a maximum of 425°F for those who need it. 

There’s an LCD temperature display on the outside that is color coded by hair type – blue for fine hair, green for medium and red for coarse hair. 

The colors are a nice guide for selecting the right temperature for your hair type using the Mode button.

The power and control buttons are located on the inside, and full digital controls also allow you to set a specific temperature if you wish. It’s available in a 1 ¼” width too.

The packaging also includes a thermal mat, which makes it convenient to put the iron down anywhere without damaging surfaces. 

  • Fully digital temperature controls and display
  • Long 11’ swivel cord
  • Floating plates ensure contact with hair at all angles
  • Dual voltage capability
  • Temperature can reset on its own if left idle for too long
  • Lots of fake CHI flat irons on the market (avoid this by buying directly from, or an authorized reseller like Ulta or Beauty Brands

Verdict: The G2 gets impressive results for all hair types and gives you full control over the temperature with all-digital heat settings. The titanium-ceramic plates gives you plenty of styling power without drying strands out for a luxuriously smooth, frizz-free look. The extra-long cord comes in handy when you’re not at home or don’t have an outlet near your mirror.

Which Brand Should You Choose?

babyliss or chi?

Conventional wisdom says you should choose a flat iron based on your hair type and condition. Since both BaByliss and CHI are quality brands, you won’t really go wrong with either as long as you select the right plate material and use an appropriate heat setting for your hair.

Ceramic plates are generally best for hair that is fine or fragile, and titanium plates best serve thick, coarse hair. If you have medium, healthy hair, either material will work perfectly well.

Though BaByliss is known for its titanium irons, they do have a couple ceramic versions available (see more below). 

Similarly, though CHI is mainly associated with ceramic irons, they also make a few titanium plated models too.

Other Favorite Models


BaBylissPRO BABNT2095T Nano Titanium Digital Straightener

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Digital Straightener
  • Nano Titanium Floating Plates
  • LCD Display + Digital Controls
  • Temperature Range 280°F - 450°F
  • Heat Setting Memory Function

This flat iron comes with digital temperature controls that allow you to serve your hair with exactly as much heat as needed.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron
  • 1" Nano Titanium Plates
  • Travel-Size 6" Length
  • Max Temperature 440°F
  • Dual Voltage

This iron packs all the powerful features you can expect in a BaByliss, plus dual voltage capability, in an extremely compact size.

A perfect choice for taking along while you travel!

BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Flat Iron

BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic 1
  • Porcelain Ceramic Plates
  • Analog Control Dial
  • Temperature Range 235°F - 450°F
  • Available in 1", 1 ½” and 2” Widths

With porcelain ceramic plates that produce far infrared heat, this flat iron is extremely gentle on delicate hair.


CHI Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

CHI Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron
  • Tourmaline Ceramic Floating Plates
  • Adjustable Temperature Dial
  • Max Temperature 410°F
  • Dual Voltage + 60-minute Auto Shut-Off
  • Thermal Mat Included

Its tourmaline ceramic floating plates impart plenty of negative ions and distribute heat evenly, leaving hair shiny and smooth.

CHI Original 1″ Ceramic Hairstyling Iron

CHI Original Ceramic Hair Straightening Flat Iron | 1
  • Winner of Multiple Awards
  • 1” Ceramic Floating Plates
  • One Temperature Setting - 392°F (202°C)
  • Dual Voltage + 11-ft. Swivel Cord
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty

One of the most popular CHI models, this flat iron is great for beginners for smooth, straight results.

CHI Lava Infused Ceramic 1″ Straightening Hairstyling Iron

CHI Lava Infused Ceramic 1″ Straightening Hairstyling Iron
  • Floating Volcanic Lava Ceramic Plates
  • Extended-Length 4" Plates
  • All-Digital Display + Heat Settings
  • Max Temperature 450°F
  • 1-Hr Auto Shut-Off + 11-ft. Swivel Cord

Its lava-infused ceramic plates and smart sensor technology allow gentle, equal heating with minimal heat damage.

Final Take

With hair styling tools, there is often no one size fits all formula. You should make a decision taking into account your hair type and usage.

Both BaByliss and CHI are well-regarded with many respective die-hard fans, so it’s hard to pick one winner. 

But if push came to shove, I’d give the edge to BaByliss for their superior titanium plate technology that gives you efficient styling and results that last. 

Emma Lee
As long as she can remember, Emma has been obsessed with beautiful hair. Her favorite look is pin-straight, sleek glass hair. She's had multiple styles from short and permed to long and natural throughout her life, and knows full well that how your hair looks can make or break your day.

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