Best Croc Flat Irons Reviews

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When it comes to flat irons and hair straighteners, Croc is one company that is both fervently loved by some and disliked by others. 

For many, it’s the only brand that’s able to give them the smooth results they’re after. Others find them to be no better than the $20 straightener they got at the drugstore.

So which is it? Today, we’ll go over two of the best Croc flat irons to see if they’re the right fit for you. 

We’ll be reviewing the following irons in this article:

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Best Croc Flat Irons Reviews

CROC The New Classic Infrared Flat Iron


Croc’s The New Classic Infrared Flat Iron utilizes infrared heat, which not only sounds fancy, but is better for your hair. (For those familiar with the brand, it’s an update on their signature Classic Infrared Flat Iron.)

Far infrared is a form of light radiation that heats your strands from the inside out, making it less damaging. Croc claims it also sanitizes and detoxifies your hair, which is hard to measure, but it sure does leave it feeling smooth and healthy.

There’s a thin red strip running down the middle of one plate where the infrared heat emits from if you choose to turn the feature on. You activate it by simply pressing the power button a second time after turning the iron on.

The titanium plates also produce negative ions when heated, which help eliminate frizz and lock in moisture.

For many, the Croc New Classic straightens your tresses into beautiful shine and smoothness in just one pass.

It’s also quite lightweight, and the unique design placing your thumb right behind the “crocodile head” makes it easy to hold and handle. 

However, one thing I’ve noticed is that the balance of this straightener is slightly off when setting it down on my countertop or table. If I place the hot iron down, the plates tend to touch the surface and burn it.

For this reason, I wish it came with a heat resistant mat to place the tool on while styling, though you can always get one separately.


  • Comes in both 1” and 1 ½” sizes
  • Premium black titanium plates + infrared technology leave hair moisturized and smooth
  • Ceramic heater maintains even heating
  • Used and recommended by many professional stylists
  • 30-min auto shut-off 


  • Anchored (non-floating) plates
  • Can burn your countertop if not set down carefully

CROC Classic Black Titanium 1 ½” Flat Iron


The Croc Classic Black Titanium Flat Iron is another popular model, and one that’s used by professional hairstylists during keratin treatments.

Its floating titanium plates are quick to heat up, with no snagging or tugging at your strands. The wider 1 ½” plates also make your straightening session much more efficient, particularly if you have long hair.

I found this flat iron very easy to hold and handle with it’s signature CROC design and ergonomics. It has a super long 12’ (!) swivel cord so you can walk around your room while styling if you want. 

(Though storing all that length in your drawer may not be so fun.)

The digital temperature controls allow you to set the heat anywhere between 280°F and 450°F, and you can adjust the temperature up or down in 10° increments.

One feature – that may be positive or negative depending on your usage – is that when unattended, the iron automatically drops its temperature down to 370°F. It’s an added layer of safety, but also means you have to readjust the temperature if you use a higher setting.

This iron is still on the costlier side, although less than the Croc New Classic Infrared Flat Iron.

For all of its great features, the Classic Black Titanium’s achilles heel seems to be it’s hit-or-miss longevity. Several users have complained that it’s died on them spontaneously after a year; in some cases even after a few uses!


  • Floating plates
  • Good for keratin treatments
  • Comfortable ergonomic design and grip
  • Wide range of adjustable temperature settings
  • Able to tame frizzy, thick hair


  • Stops heating in some units after a year or so
  • No hinge lock for storage

Are Croc Flat Irons Good?

2 crocs

Whether Croc hair straighteners are any good or not is certainly debatable – you will find consumers largely divided in their opinion about this brand.

There are many diehard fans who swear by the company, saying they can’t get the same results from any other brand. 

Most Croc models rely on either infrared heat or produce negative ions for extra frizz control. While most brands claim that their plates generate infrared heat, Croc’s infrared flat irons have a visible strip where the infrared rays actually radiate out of.

This technology, combined with ionic technology, fights frizz and smooths the cuticle layer to give you extra shine and keeps hair from drying out. 

People with thick, coarse hair are often blown away by the results of a Croc straightener. On the other hand, there are also many people who’ve had a less-than-stellar experience.

One of the most consistent complaints in many Croc flat iron reviews is their lack of durability. 

Several users have experienced their straighteners refusing to turn on after a few months or even a few uses. Some people also complain that the body is very fragile, and breaks or cracks easily if dropped.

As with most hair straighteners, a Croc can singe your strands if used at too high a temperature, so you should be very cautious if you have fine hair.

Features of Croc Hair Straighteners

The company was founded over 15 years ago by a hairstylist with a mission to bring the best technology to the hairstyling industry.

Croc flat irons live up to their name with their very distinctive and unmistakable crocodile shape. It’s not just a design gimmick – the back of the croc head is the perfectly natural placement for your thumb, giving you excellent grip when holding and pressing the plates together.

Croc hair straighteners are also very lightweight. Coupled with the ergonomic handle, they won’t tire your hands and arms out if you have a lot of hair.

With Crocs, it is quite easy to control the temperature with digital power and control settings. The temperature control is located near the base, away from where your hand is, so you won’t accidentally change the temperature while styling.

One handy feature I enjoy about my Croc straightener is that it remembers the last temperature I used, so whenever I turn it on again, the heat setting is preserved. Definitely saves a few seconds!

Another striking thing in the Croc design is the line of vents along the edges of the iron, which allows excess heat to escape easily. It not only protects your hair from overheating but also the iron.

Should You Get A Croc?

Croc flat irons are practical to use, and quite powerful, giving you salon-quality performance that turns thick and coarse, difficult-to-tame hair into sleek, shiny locks.

However, they do cost a pretty penny, and are prone to dying an early death. 

Crocs can be incredible tools for those with heavy and frizzy hair, and they do wonders for keratin treatments. 

But if you tend to be clumsy and careless with your appliances, a Croc flat iron may not be the best investment. While their titanium plates are excellent quality, the exterior housing and electrical components can be somewhat iffy.

There are other high-quality titanium flat irons that can take more use and abuse out there. If that’s a priority for you, a BaByliss flat iron is a fantastic choice for unbeatable performance and durability. 

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