Best Paul Mitchell Flat Iron: Reviews and Buying Guide

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Best Overall
Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth+ XL Flat Iron
  • Ceramic plates great for all hair types
  • Durable
  • Reduces frizz and leaves hair shiny
High Performance
Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Titanium Flat Iron
  • Excellent heat recovery with embedded SmartSense microchip
  • Titanium plates get up to 450°F
  • Customizable digital controls
Paul Mitchell Neuro Style Titanium Flat Iron
  • Easy-to-read digital controls and display
  • Fast heat up
  • Rounded casing makes curling a breeze

Paul Mitchell is an internationally acclaimed company when it comes to hair styling, with highly-rated products used and sold in many salons. (Their tea-tree oil special shampoo is a big hit for its refreshing tingle and clean feel on your scalp.) 

While not usually considered a top brand when it comes to hair straighteners, they do make decent appliances that still attract many devotees. Today we’ll be taking a look at the best Paul Mitchell flat iron to consider if you’re planning to get one.

Top 3 Best Paul Mitchell Flat Irons Reviews

Pro Tools 1 ½” Express Ion Smooth+ XL

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth+ XL
  • 1 ½” Ceramic Beveled-Edge Plates
  • Digital Display + Controls
  • Temperature Range 160°F - 410°F
  • Slim Plate Design
  • Dual Voltage + 1-Hr Auto Shut-Off

This is one of the company’s best-selling models, and a very long-lasting, durable product that will serve you faithfully for years. 

The Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth+ XL has 1 ½” inch plates, perfect for working on slightly bigger sections at a time. If you have long or thick hair, then this is the iron for you. 

It’s got a glossy outer finish, and its ceramic plates are cushioned with beveled edges so there aren’t any sharp angles to snag your strands.

Like the name suggests, sections of hair glide through this iron very smoothly without pulling. The end result is beautiful, smooth and shiny locks.

The iron has a heat range of 160°F to 410°F, so it’s safe for fine, delicate, or damaged hair, but can also tackle thicker or style-resistant hair too. You may need a few passes to straighten extremely coarse hair, however.

You can watch the temperature go up on the digital temperature display once you turn it on and set your desired heat. I always prefer digital controls, and it’s easy to read the large blue digits on this iron.

Lastly, it doesn’t get too hot on the outside, making it easy to handle without burning your fingers.

  • Easy-to-read digital temperature display
  • 1 ½” plates straighten long hair quickly
  • Outer housing doesn’t get hot
  • Durable appliance that lasts for years
  • Reduces frizz and makes hair look healthy
  • May require multiple passes to straighten very coarse hair

Paul Mitchell 1 ¼Neuro Smooth Flat Iron

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Titanium Flat Iron
  • 1 ¼” Floating Titanium Plates
  • Digital Display + Controls
  • Max Temperature 450°F
  • SmartSense Microchip Recovers Heat Quickly
  • Customizable Auto Shut-Off

The Neuro flat irons boasts some advanced features that will blow your mind away.

The Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron is fitted with a SmartSense microchip that monitors the plate temperature fifty times a second.

Yes, you read that right. That is some ultra-high performance. What it means is that the plates maintain the set temperature at all times, barely losing any heat while you style.

The iron heats up to a maximum of 450°F in only 30 seconds, which is pretty impressive. So, you can start styling right away without having to wait long after turning it on.

The 1 ¼” titanium plates generate intense heat, straightening even the kinkiest of hair. However if you have very fine hair, you would want to be careful and use the iron at a lower temperature setting.

Fortunately, this iron has adjustable digital controls, so you can always select the right temperature for your hair type.

On the downside, some users have experienced snagging and pulling with the Neuro Smooth flat iron. 

It’s not clear whether this is a result of bad design or user error. The best way to avoid snags with any flat iron is to always use small sections at a time so you’re not overloading the amount of hair you’re passing between the plates.

  • Embedded microchip ensures fast heat recovery
  • IsoTherm titanium plates produce efficient heat transfer
  • Long 9’ swivel cord with hanging loop
  • Customizable auto shut-off feature
  • Dual voltage
  • Heat may be too much for fine or brittle hair
  • Snags hair fairly easily

Paul Mitchell 1” Neuro Style Styling Iron

Paul Mitchell Neuro Style Titanium Flat Iron
  • 1" Titanium Plates
  • Easy Read Digital Display
  • Adjustable Heat Settings Up To 450°F
  • SmartSense Microchip Recovers Heat Quickly
  • Contoured Exterior For Easy Curling

The Paul Mitchell Neuro Style Styling Iron isn’t just a plain old flat iron – it’s an overall styling tool. Naturally, being a Neuro product, it also has a SmartSense microchip and IsoTherm titanium plates.

Together, these provide fast, intense and constant, even heat. The iron can achieve a maximum temperature of 450°F in only 30 seconds. 

You can even switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius if you prefer by pressing the Mode button.

Since the heat settings can be changed as you wish, you can always have your iron set at the temperature best for your hair, and achieve great style without frying or burning your hair!

What sets it apart from other brands for me is that the auto shut-off time limit can be customized, from 60 to up to 120 minutes.

So if you are always running out the door in a hurry, you don’t need to worry that you’ll burn your house down while you’re away.

The plates are 1” wide on this iron, making it good for all lengths, whether short or long. The rounded casing makes it ideal for creating curls and waves too.

If you’re looking for a good straightener and curler in one tool, this is the one to get.

  • Up to 2-year warranty with registration
  • Sharp LCD display
  • Time limit for auto shut-off can be customized 
  • Great for creating loose curls and waves
  • Fast heat up
  • Pricey
  • Can snag if working with bigger sections

About Paul Mitchell

John Paul Mitchell Systems was founded by two friends over 40 years ago, with a commitment to providing salon-quality hair styling tools at affordable prices.

The brand is extremely respected throughout the beauty industry.

The company is also committed to protecting the environment through its various initiatives, and produces thousands of future industry leaders every year through its network of schools.

Benefits and Features of Paul Mitchell Flat Irons

Paul Mitchell flat irons belong to one of two product lines: Pro Tools and Neuro.

Nearly all irons from the company have auto shut-off and dual voltage so you can pack your iron with you no matter where you are going.

Their flat irons are built to last being designed and made with quality materials, though they seem to be veering towards cheaper plastics in recent years.

Many still find their appliances to be excellent despite some opinions to the contrary, and they produce both ceramic and titanium-plated hair straighteners.

Pro Tools 

Flat irons from the Pro Tools™ line have an ergonomic, functional design with ceramic plates and beveled edges, which allow you to curl in addition to straightening. They’re excellent for home users since ceramic plates can be used on all hair types.

The Express Ion Complex technology deploys negative ions to reduce frizz, leaving hair smooth and shiny.

All in all, the Pro Tools line is extremely reliable and effective for almost any user, from novices to experts alike.


Neuro is Paul Mitchell’s high-tech line, manufactured in a state-of-the-art plant and making use of the latest technologies in heat styling for the ultimate in performance.

Neuro flat irons feature high-grade IsoTherm titanium plates that produce fast and even heating, resulting in efficient straightening in one pass for shiny, sleek hair.

An ultra-sensitive embedded microchip monitors the temperature to keep it at your chosen heat setting throughout your styling session. Since passing hair between the flat iron cools the plates down, a quick recovery is crucial to ensuring a consistent temperature for best results and minimal damage.

Neuro is great for experienced users as well as those who need an efficient straightener. If you’re still unsure which is best for you, this short quiz will help you narrow down the options based on your hair type, condition, and styling abilities.

Things To Consider

woman thinking

When looking for a new flat iron, keep a few things in mind:

For fine hair, an iron with ceramic plates will work best. Flat irons with titanium plates are better at styling coarser, thicker hair.

It’s always best to get a straightener with adjustable temperature settings so you can set the appropriate heat for your hair. If you have delicate or damaged hair, make sure the minimum setting gets as low as 300°F or less.

If you plan to use your flat iron for curling as well, pay attention to the physical design. Irons with a rounded outer shell and curved plate edges are best for curling to avoid creases or dents.

Lastly, consider how often you will be using your straightener. If you plan to use it frequently, a higher-end but durable brand will be worth the investment.

Should You Get A Paul Mitchell Flat Iron?

Paul Mitchell tools are salon-quality, and meant for professional use but work equally great for the home stylist too!

Their Pro Tools 1 ½” Express Ion Smooth+ XL hits all the right marks for getting straight, smooth hair with it’s even and consistent ceramic heat. All-digital controls and an easy-to-read LED display make it a cinch to use.

It manages to tame even the frizziest of manes, while the cool exterior keeps your fingers, head, and neck safe from burns.

And last but not least, the longevity and durability of this iron make it a great investment if you just can’t live without straightening your locks.

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