The Top 4 Best Cordless Flat Irons

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No time? My pick for the best cordless flat iron is the Lanxim Cordless Mini Flat Iron.

Ok, let’s get honest here. If your vanity trumps practicality on a daily basis, you might be wondering how to keep your hair looking good after a day at the beach or camping out in the wilderness.

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone in figuring out how to bring your flat iron along so you can tame the frizzies. Below are the best cordless flat irons around so you can hang with the crew and still keep a style going on.

We’ll be reviewing the following flat irons in this article:

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Best Cordless Curling Irons Reviewed

Lanxim Cordless Mini Flat Iron


Size: 8.46″ x 1.85″ x 1.85″
Weight: 0.5 lbs.

The Lanxim Cordless Mini Flat Iron is a battery-operated straightener featuring 3D floating plates that flex from side to side while you press for a firm grip and evenly straightened tresses. The edges are curved, so it can double as a curler too.

The tourmaline ceramic plates help eliminate static, reduce frizz and protect from heat damage.

There are a choice of three temperature settings – 327°F, 365°F, and 401°F – so you can control the heat. You can also see how much power you have left with markings for 100%, 75%, and 50% battery levels that light up just below the temperature setting.

I do wish the heat and power level settings were easier to see – the digits are kind of small.

In any case, it heats up super quick – within five to 15 seconds after you turn on – and it even has a memory function that will automatically set the temperature to the last one you used. 

The 5000mAh lithium battery lasts up to 80 minutes on a full charge, which may vary depending on how much you use it. It’s recommended to recharge it after each use so you don’t run out of juice midway through your next use. 

Lastly, it comes with a USB charging cable only, which means you’ll need to get a USB power adapter if you want to plug it directly into an outlet. Otherwise, you can charge it via a connected laptop, or any 5V USB device like a smartphone or car charger.


  • Floating plates ensure a secure grip
  • Lightweight and fits in the palm of your hand
  • Battery level indicator shows how much charge you have left
  • 3 Temperature Settings
  • Heats up in 15 seconds


  • Doesn’t come with an outlet adapter, only a USB cable
  • Temperature and power level settings are small and hard to read

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Salon Depot Mini Travel Hair Straightener


Size: 8.5″ x 1.4″ x 1.1″
Weight: 0.86 lbs.

The Salon Depot Mini Travel Hair Straightener is one of the cooler-looking flat irons with a sleek, minimalist design. It’s curved outer housing is white with easy-to-read temperature settings, and makes creating curls and beach waves easy in addition to straightening. 

The 4000mAh battery capacity will last for 45 minutes before it needs recharging, and needs a couple hours for a full charge. The flat iron connects to the included mini USB cable at the base under the lip. It’s dual-voltage (110V to 240V), which is nice, but it doesn’t come with a power adapter, so you’ll need to purchase that separately.

There are 3 temperature settings from 320°F to 400°F, which should be plenty for most use cases. I wouldn’t plan on using this for heavy-duty straightening, but that’s the same for any other cordless flat iron.


  • Lasts up to 45 minutes per charge
  • Small, compact design ideal for travel
  • Ceramic floating plates
  • Dual-voltage compatibility


  • Power adapter not included
  • Charge doesn’t last long enough for some

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PRITECH Portable Cordless Hair Straightener


Size: 8.3″ x 2.7″ x 1.7″
Weight: 0.5 lbs.

The PRITECH Portable Flat Iron stands out not just for it’s hot pink color, but also for it’s unique integrated comb teeth on one edge of the plates. (It also comes in black if you’re not inclined to get a flashy appliance.)

The teeth help order and align your strands across the plates for even heating throughout. That said, some people find the teeth to be more annoying than useful.

The 3 temperature settings are listed in Celsius on the device – 165°C / 185°C / 205°C – which translate to 329°F, 365°F and 401°F.

The triple-coated ceramic plates are ideal for thin or shorter hairstyles and touch-ups. 

One interesting thing about it is the manufacturer built the straightener to heat up while locked in the closed position. They even recommend doing so to heat faster – most other brands do not turn on in the locked position. On the other hand, you can’t power it on while it’s charging.

It has a 2400mAh lithium battery, which takes around four hours to reach a complete charge. Overall, you’ll get around 20 to 30 minutes of use at a time.


  • LED display with 3 temperature options and battery percentage
  • Pretty hot pink color
  • Plates have triple-coating of ceramic
  • Lightweight
  • Compact enough to fit in your purse or keep in your car 


  • Short battery life compared to other cordless models
  • Integrated teeth can snag hair if it’s somewhat tangled

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Conair MiniPRO Cordless Flat Iron


Size: 11.2″ x 4.4″ x 1.8″
Weight: 0.5 lbs.

If you don’t want to worry about recharging at all, then the Conair MiniPRO Cordless 0.75” Flat Iron might be for you. It’s powered by a Thermacell butane cartridge and gets quite hot for a cordless straightener.

While you don’t have to recharge the unit the way you do with a battery-operated one, it does require replacing the butane cartridge whenever it runs out of fuel. They’re readily available and easy to purchase though.

Since it runs on fuel, it works like a lighter in that you have to ignite the fuel cell inside to get it powered up. It’s most useful for light touch ups when camping or glamping, or any other far-from-civilization activity where you won’t have access to an electrical outlet.

Like most cordless straighteners, don’t expect it to be powerful enough to straighten a whole head of thick hair. If you use it for taming bangs and frizz or have short, fine hair, it’s a good choice.


  • No need to recharge with electricity
  • Gas cartridge outlasts battery flat irons during single sessions
  • Good for camping and outdoor activities
  • Lightweight and easy to pack


  • No temperature control
  • Must purchase additional cartridges for continued use

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Benefits of a Cordless Flat Iron


Of course, the best thing about a wireless flat iron is the fact that you’re not tied to the nearest power outlet.

Just be sure that it’s fully charged before you take it somewhere, and recharge it between straightening sessions if you use it for more than a few minutes at a time.

USB Rechargeable

Most cordless flat irons are rechargeable via USB or mini-USB cables, which means you can connect it to your laptop, car charger, or wall USB port.

Great for Bangs and Touch-Ups

Going on a date or stuck in humid weather? You can easily touch up bangs in the car or tame frizz in a jiffy with a cordless straightener. 

Compact and Easy To Maneuver

A cordless flat iron gives you complete freedom to hold and maneuver any which way without a cord getting in your way. 

It’s hard enough getting the right hand-eye coordination when you have to switch from one side of your head to the other!

Also, cordless straighteners tend to be smaller. They’re compact and lightweight so that you can squeeze them into purses, carry-ons, or daybags. 

Look Good While Traveling Or In The Great Outdoors

If you like hiking and camping, you might think your hairstyle would be the least of your concerns. Well, thanks to portable flat irons, you don’t have to choose between mother nature and looking good. You can have both!

Similarly, if you’re a frequent traveler, you can make sure everyday is a good hair day regardless of how long you’re spending on the road.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Cordless Flat Iron

Your Hair Type and Use Case

Be realistic: if you’ve got a thick head of coarse, curly hair, this is not going to be the tool for you. There isn’t enough power or charge to straighten unruly locks, so don’t waste your time with a cordless. 

Plates are usually narrower and shorter, making it necessary to use smaller sections of hair for effective results.

Cordless straighteners are best for on-the-go touch ups on shorter, finer hair, and works great on bangs. They’re also great at smoothing ends or curling them under so they don’t stick out every which way.

Power Type

Cordless flat irons are powered in two ways: rechargeable battery or butane cartridge. The vast majority are battery-operated, which you have to plug into an electrical outlet or other connected device to recharge.

Butane is a type of fuel in the form of a gas that gets ignited (yes, really), providing power to heat your appliance. Instead of recharging the iron, you simply replace the butane cartridge once it’s depleted.

Generally speaking, you’re best served with a battery-operated one because you’ll have more options to choose from. Plus, you won’t be as limited by specific TSA packing regulations if you fly with one.

Airline Regulations

You can pack a battery-operated flat iron in either carry-on or checked luggage as long as the battery is inside the appliance itself.

However, butane cartridge flat irons must be packed in carry-on baggage only. You cannot bring a spare cartridge in your luggage separately, either.

Dual-Voltage Compatibility

You may want a dual-voltage straightener if you travel internationally. Do note that you’ll usually need to buy a separate power adapter since most battery-operated flat irons come with a USB cable only. 

The standard power outlet in the U.S. is 110-120 volts. In Europe and throughout Asia, it usually ranges from 220-240 volts.

Straightening on the Go

If you travel to remote places or just to the next town over, a cordless flat iron will become your best friend. It’s a compact and convenient beauty appliance, which is what you need when you’re on the go.

The best of the bunch in my opinion is the Lanxim Cordless Mini Flat Iron. The floating ceramic plates make for a smooth styling process and it only takes 15 seconds to heat up. It’s a veritable frizz-be-gone device.

It’s got the most powerful battery to keep you styling longer, plus you can create curls or flips with it too.

Now get out there and rock those locks no matter where you are!

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