Best Remington Flat Irons: Top 5 Picks and Reviews

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Remington is a well known brand with an impressive lineup of straighteners and other hairstyling tools. So choosing the best Remington flat iron from among the wide variety can be a bit of a task.

Today I’ll be reviewing five of the top Remington flat irons to make your choice easier.

We’ll also see how the brand fares against other brands, and its strengths and weaknesses.

We’ll be reviewing the following Remington flat irons in this article.

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Top 5 Remington Flat Irons Reviews

Best Salon-Grade Iron: Remington S9500 Pro 1″ Pearl Ceramic Flat Iron


With a sleek black and silver exterior and powerful features, the Remington S9500 Pro 1” Flat Iron boasts salon-level performance.

It has floating ceramic plates which are infused with crushed pearls, making the plates extra smooth. The built-in ceramic technology gives you a nice, smooth glide.

The iron also emits ionic heat, so it reduces frizz and leaves your locks silky and smooth. 

It comes with a digital LCD display and you can control the temperature as you desire. 

The iron can heat up anywhere between 300 and 450°F, in only 30 seconds, and beeps on reaching the set temperature.

One of the best things about this iron is the temperature lock. This ensures that if you accidentally press the buttons while styling, the heat setting doesn’t change. 

The design of the iron also makes it suitable for curling hair, and it comes with a 3-year warranty.

On the downside, there are some reports of the auto shut-off function activating during use, and the storage lock doesn’t always keep the iron closed. For the price though, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better flat iron. 


  • Extra smooth, pearl-infused plates
  • Hair glides without pulling
  • Digital display and controls
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t support dual voltage
  • Storage lock doesn’t seem to work too well

Best Advanced Technology: Remington S8598S Flat Iron with SmartPro Sensor Technology


The Remington S8598S flat iron is one of their higher tech models, equipped with a proprietary “SmartPro sensor” technology. The iron has built-in sensors that detects the temperature and moisture in your hair and automatically adjusts the heat so your hair doesn’t get dried out.

With this technology, your hair will only get as much heat as it needs, and it claims to style with 3 times less heat damage compared to other straighteners. While it’s hard to say whether that’s actually true, it does leave your hair looking smooth and feeling soft.

It has ceramic floating plates, which ensure constant contact with hair and a gentle, even heat distribution. The plates are also infused with keratin and almond oil, which conditions your hair as you straighten it.

Together, all these features leave your hair healthy, shiny and pin-straight.

The Remington S8598S also heats up to 450°F amazingly fast – in only 15 seconds!

There are 5 predetermined heat settings to choose from, so it’s not that customizable temperature-wise, but the SmartPro sensor adjusts the heat itself depending on your hair.

It also comes with a silicon sleeve covering, which is handy for storing it safely. 

A slide lock at the base allows you to lock the iron closed, and the fabric-coated swivel cord allows ease of movement while you style your hair. The iron also has a 60 minute auto shut-off. 


  • State-of-the-art Smartpro sensor technology adjusts heat automatically
  • Silicon sleeve covering
  • Leaves hair feeling soft and silky
  • Keratin and almond oil-infused plates condition hair while styling


  • Infused micro conditioners can leave fine hair looking somewhat limp
  • Some snagging can occur between the plates and the housing

Most Popular: Remington S5500 1″ Anti-Static Flat Iron


The Remington S5500 is one of the most affordable and well-known flat irons on the market.

Its ceramic plates are coated with titanium, so it heats rapidly and evenly, and retains heat well. 

The one floating plate flexes for good contact with your strands at all times, and its anti-frizz technology tames flyaway hair. It’s also advertised as anti-static, but it’s kind of hit or miss in this regard as some users still experience static.

There are 6 heat settings from 310°F to 410°F, and it comes with a digital temperature display.

Heat up is quick at 30 seconds and there’s a handy “Turbo Boost” setting which allows you to get a quick shot of heat for any stubborn areas that aren’t straightening as nicely.

The 360° swivel cord is a decent length, plus auto shut-off, as well as a locking mechanism to keep the plates together for storage.

I’d stay away from this iron if you have very thick or coarse hair, as it’ll likely take several passes for you to get smooth, straight locks. Even if you have the time to do several passes, it’s not good for your hair.

It can also give off a burning smell as it heats. 


  • Very economical
  • Does a good job at eliminating frizz
  • Lightweight
  • Extended-length plates
  • Turbo boost option for a quick shot of heat


  • Only one floating plate – the other is fixed
  • Not very effective on coarse or resistant hair types

Best Wet-to-Dry Iron: Remington Wet2Straight 1 ¾” Flat Iron


For those who just don’t have enough time to both dry and straighten their hair, a wet to dry flat iron can be just the ticket.

Wet-to-Dry flat irons allow you to straighten damp hair (not sopping wet!). This saves time and also reduces heat exposure, cutting down on damage.

The Remington Wet2Straight 1 ¾” Flat Iron is one of the most popular flat irons in this category. 

Its plates are composed of titanium and ceramic, and the wide, 1 ¾” plates are able to grip a sizable section of hair at a time, making it even more efficient on long hair.

The casing has steam vents along its sides to allow the steam to escape. It can heat up to 420°F, and takes only 30 seconds to reach the desired temperature.

There are 30 different heat settings, and a light flashes green or amber to indicate if the setting is most suitable for wet or dry hair. 

It also comes with an auto shut-off function as well as a limited 2-year warranty. For a wet-to-dry iron, this one takes the cake.


  • Wide plates good for long hair
  • Works well on dry hair too
  • Saves time and energy
  • Also comes in a 1” plate width


  • Steam actually comes out of plates instead of vents
  • Really wet hair can take multiple passes to straighten

Best For Thick Hair: Remington 2″ Flat Iron with Thermaluxe Advanced Thermal Technology


This flat iron is fitted with Remington’s proprietary “Thermaluxe Advanced Thermal Technology”, which maintains an optimum heat level for your hair and makes the style last longer.

Remington put 10 times the amount of ceramic on the floating plates (compared to their other ceramic straighteners), so it’s good at smoothing and sealing the ends. Extra-wide 2” plates work perfectly for long hair, cutting your styling time down significantly.

I just need to pause a moment here to mention the gorgeous sleek build and rich purple color. It may not be material to the function, but I love a good-looking tool!

It heats up in just 15 seconds, and has 30 different heat settings. The maximum temperature is 450°F, which is plenty for even the thickest or coarsest of hair. 

The iron does get extremely hot, so if you have fine hair, it’s best to use it at one of the lower heat settings. 

The plates can lock shut, and it comes with a protective pouch as well so that you can easily store your iron.

This is a great choice for super efficient straightening on longer lengths but it’s not ideal for curling because of the wide plate. 

There’s a 1” model if you don’t need the extra-wide plates or want to curl your hair.


  • Works great on thick hair
  • Extra-wide plates cut down styling time significantly
  • 4-year limited warranty
  • 30 different heat settings
  • Temperature can be locked


  • 2” plates not ideal for curling
  • Heat dial doesn’t specify actual temperature setting

Are Remington Flat Irons Good?

Yes, they are for most home users.

As a company, Remington dates all the way back to 1937, when it was established.

Over the decades, it has etched out a significant reputation for itself in the industry. It offers a range of products for both men and women; from flat irons and curling wands to electric shavers and beard trimmers, to name a few.

Remington flat irons pack a lot of features at an affordable price. Nearly all Remington straighteners have auto shut-off, hinge lock and a swivel cord – great features in any decent flat iron.

Its appliances are equipped with state of the art technologies, like the Pearl Technology, Thermaluxe and SmartPro sensors for smooth, soft results.

The brand has an impressive lineup of flat irons, including pearl-ceramic, titanium-ceramic and also anti-static and wet-to-dry models. 

There is also a wide variety of plate sizes, from the standard 1” to 1 ¾” and even extra-wide 2” versions, so there is something for every hair type and length.

Most Remington flat irons also beep when ready to use, so you don’t have to guess or touch the plates to figure out whether it’s hot enough.

How Remington Compares To Other Brands

Remington flat irons are decent home-salon appliances, and at par with other brands, while also being affordable.

They’re comparable to Conair and Revlon hair straighteners, which also have a similar price point. I’d say they have a slight edge over these brands, but in general you can expect a similar quality and product.

Remington has flat irons with ceramic or titanium-ceramic plates. Revlon mostly has flat irons with ceramic plates too, but some models come with tourmaline, titanium or even copper plates. 

Conair flat irons also contain tourmaline plates in addition to ceramic, and have floating plates.

Compared to higher end brands like Hot Tools and CHI, Remington products fare quite well, though they don’t quite measure up when it comes to heat recovery between passes. 

CHI flat irons are more durable in the long run, and provide longer lasting styling.

Hot Tools irons are on the pricier side, but also provide more of a salon-grade tool with their “24K” styling surfaces and titanium plates. 

Hot Tools also offers lifetime warranty on its products, whereas Remington only offers a limited warranty of a few years.

Disadvantages of Remington Flat Irons

Just like any product, Remington flat irons have a few downsides too. 

For starters, the plates are only coated in ceramic, they’re not solid ceramic. The coating can wear away with time, exposing metal underneath.

This can form hot spots on the plates, leading to uneven distribution of heat and potential damage to hair.

The housing and build also feels kind of cheap, but that is a given considering their price point. While Remington flat irons are suitable for most home users, their flat irons don’t hold heat as well after a longer period of time. 

Which Remington Hair Straightener Is Right For You?

When investing in a flat iron, it is vital to keep your hair type in mind. 

Remington has a wide range of straighteners, and different models work best for certain hair types.

For dry and frizzy hair, the Remington S8598S Flat Iron with SmartPro Sensor Technology is one of the best flat irons out there.

Its smart sensors optimize the heat settings according to the temperature of and moisture in your hair, and the keratin and almond oil-infused plates leave hair sleek and nourished, while the anti-static technology reduces frizz.

If you have hair that is very fine or already damaged, you need the Remington S9500 Pearl Pro 1” Flat Iron

Real pearls have been crushed and infused into its plates, which make the plates very smooth. This helps hair glide through the plates very smoothly without snagging, protecting delicate hair.

In Summary

All the flat irons in this article have been carefully chosen and reviewed, and are the best of the bunch that Remington has to offer. 

These flat irons have all the qualities that any good iron should have, and perform nearly as efficiently as flat irons from other, higher end brands. 

For a decent flat that doesn’t break the bank (or your hair), I’d certainly consider adding a Remington hair straightener to my arsenal. 

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